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In vain today, like crazy, I came to the shift in 12-centimeter heels. Could be limited to the standard eight centimeters - the minimum set by the female croupier in our elite institution. Edik never called. “Although, maybe he will wake up in an hour - he will pick me up, and the heels will come in handy,” I was warming inside. “Hardly,” the half-asleep common sense whispered, “if it hasn’t been calling for almost a week ...” So the horoscope is lying about the news from a loved one, the news has been muffled for the fifth day already. It would be better if the astrologer simply told me if I would live to see the end of this crazy shift today

Our good Ai-Petri kept me for two hours without a break on the “first” roulette table, on these damned heels, dressed for Edik! From fatigue I did not want to think, drink or eat. A plate littered with sandwiches with dried cheese said that either everyone, like me, had no time for food, which is unlikely - our guys are gluttonous, especially the fat Romka, or I am the first lucky woman who was allowed to rest in the last few hours.


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